Psychic Development


Psychic Development

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Do you want to tap into your psychic abilities?

Now you can. Each course is created custom to you, your interests, and your abilities. This is a segmented course that can be done online, or in person. 

Master Antojai directly instructs every student, in the shortest lesson time possible. He has trained under various master shaman, mediums, and healers to make your learning easy, and to the point.

There are a ton of different areas you can explore when it comes to the psychic world. 

All lessons begin with a consultation, and then we build a project plan to help you reach your desired psychic skill. Connecting with your psychic side can make it easier to tarot read, astral work, spirit work, and more.  

Dedicated to teaching, refining, mastering your abilities. Check out our testimonials

Lesson Available:

  1. Tarot Reading Lessons
  2. Intuition tuning
  3. Chakra control
  4. Aura vision
  5. Astral travel & vision 
  6. Spirit interactions
  7. Manifestation
  8. Protection
  9. Feng shui
  10. Soul diving
  11. Totem animal control
  12. Clairvoyant lessons
  13. Home blessings

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