House Antojai is a family run shamanic wellness shop. For Shamans, by Shamans. We train Shamans, Mediums, Psychics, and Healers in the metaphysical arts. We help give like minded individuals develop, control, and expand

We specialize in Reiki and Antojai energy, shamanic, and metaphysical healing; Reiki and Antojai master certification, metaphysical naturalism courses; psychic readings, intuitive counseling, wellness counseling, life coaching, crystal jewelry, Feng Shui wellness, and transcendental media.

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Axél comes from a long line of shamans. He grew up in shamanic tradition learning ancient healing arts of the mind, body, soul, and psychic. He's spent his entire life learning about the human energetic system, its chemical and physical reactions to touch, pressure, mindfulness, energy healing, positive psychology, and herbal medicine to maximize a euphoric trance that ensures a profound rejuvenation. His holistic healing style is one of a kind, and known globally for its pure power & amazing effects. Axél provides a balance of physical, spiritual, and mental energies that directly reshape your reality in mind-blowing ways.

Axél is the developer of Antojai Quantum Alchemy, which is quickly sweeping North America for its ability to super-shock heal and evolve physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas. Antojai Quantum has shown to target the process of Ascension which evolves the spirit, develops all psychic abilities, and creates powerful healers no matter the level of experience his students have.

In January 2018, after attaining the highest rank possible in metaphysical arts and being voted the #1 healer, psychic, and shaman in Metro Detroit; Ascended Master Axél opened his online academy which is dedicate to evolving the consciousness of the world. He now teaches his signature ANTOJAI healing style to clients, and new students all over the globe.

*Antojai Quantum is only available at Antojai Shamanic Wellness, & Antojai Ascension Academy.

With a BS in Health & Wellness from Purdue University, as well as private training from all across the United States in public speaking, shamanic ceremonials, therapy, counseling, and healing; Shaman Axél's 22 years of experience in shamanic services, arts, therapies, and eastern body work will leave you feeling alive again. He is extremely knowledgeable on metaphysical healing, manipulation, control, and theory.  His training in Western European, Caribbean, Taino, and Asian shamanic arts can help you with divination services, shamanic experiences, spiritual healing, emotional healing, physical healing and more. His accurate predictions and advice are here to help all in need. 

All treatments are always custom tailored to focus on your personal goals with your specific needs in mind. Antojai has several treatment options with varying levels of healing not available anywhere else in North America & the globe.

"I enjoy helping others reach a state of peace and rejuvenation through positivity and wellness."


Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D. 

Founder of Antojai Ascension Academy

Developer of Antojai Quantum Healing

Ascended Master, Certified Reiki Grand Master, Naturopathic Metaphysician, and Master Shaman healer. I have a BS in health and wellness from Purdue University, a BS in linguistics from the University of Michigan, Doctoral in metaphysical sciences from the University of Sedona, and extensive mastery education from the Society of Shamans & Mediums of Europe.

My specialty is in integrative quantum metaphysics. My understanding of the physical and metaphysical human body is very extensive. For the last twenty years of my life I have done nothing but learn, fine tune, and enhance my medical knowledge of energetic anatomy, shamanic healing, esoteric medicine, acupressure, counseling, positive programming, psychology of the subconscious, and manifestation. I've been referred to as an expert in quantum shamanic healing, and integrative metaphysics.

Many times, we face physical pain due to overextending ourselves physically, emotionally, psychologically, and energetically. As a result, we may feel illness and troubles that seem to never really go away. Mostly because we have a hard time understanding ourselves as metaphysical beings, having a physical experience. My custom created and tailored style of healing is one of a kind in Detroit. It has proven to yield great results in treating those imbalances that prevent us from living an optimal balanced life.

This style of healing can help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, pains, subconscious negative patterns from surfacing, mental focus and clarity blockages, electromagnetic wave responses from the environment, and can help you cultivate the positive aspects you wish to live by. Alone, or in combination with Shamanic Counseling you can dive deeper into your soul to bring out the best version of yourself. 

I have easy access to a private office. I work with men, women, and pets. I have a great deal of experience with massage & healing, and serving people of the LGBTQ community. 

I hold true the Shamanic tradition by providing a private safe space for all. All sessions are confidential.

We offer Reiki healing, meditation (transcendental & medical), Chakra healing and alignment, Reiki certification classes 1 - Master, Crystal healing, Eastern bodywork, acupressure, psychic services, Tarot readings, Rune readings, house cleansing, Spiritual healing classes, Shamanic counseling, Metaphysical lessons, and Transcendental multimedia art. 

Our goal is to help the community reach positivity and higher states of self with traditional, and integrative modes of holistic healing.  


Innovative. I focus on making art expressive. My selection ranges from exclusive photography, original digital art, paintings, graphic design, clothing, to sound design. I have more than 10 years experience working in multimedia art, performance, and creative experience.  

Being raised in a shamanic family tradition, all my art is connected in some way to my ever evolving spirituality. 

I take experiences from social media in the LGBT community, spiritual insights from my meditation retreats, & my journey through altered states of consciousness to bring beauty in layers to someone's living space.

Antojai's direction is to bring vibrant colors, dynamic designs, vivid sound structures, and challenging concepts to the community to enlighten and experience a profound effect towards positive psychology.

Designed from a holistic spiritual healers frame of mind; Antojai's psychedelic couture is sure to bring life, attention, and light into anyone's life.

Antojai aims to promote, support, and connect the community through a collective of Detroit artist, & creative minds.

If you would like to get in touch with Antojai regarding quotes and services, please contact us at: antojai@antojai.us

"I look forward to bringing you light." - Axél