Antojai Quantum Energy Healing
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Antojai enhances your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can penetrate the deepest portions of the subconscious mind to experience a true release from underlying patterns and traumas. The list of Antojai's benefits has been comprised through anecdotal and statistical research.

Antojai is a powerful assistant on your spiritual path. It can help with manifestations, ascension, and developing ones authentic self.


Antojai is a form of vibrational healing that uses quantum energies to promote balance within the human subconscious. 

Antojai works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds the body to introduce cleansing energy to the conscious, subconscious, and astral portions of the human experience. 

Antojai is a non-manipulative touch technique to a clothed recipient. You can only get Antojai treatments from a professional, or you can learn it if you're a avid Reiki Master.


a one of a kind experience 

Prolonged exposure from consistent treatments have shown to have a noticeable shift to a persons perspective on reality, themselves, and beyond. In combination with other healing modalities Antojai has shown to create deeper, long lasting effects on healing. Master Antojai is currently accepting applications by qualified Reiki Masters to learn Antojai.

See what people have to say about their experiences with Antojai. Only available currently at Antojai Shamanic Wellness.

“After the first session I felt a huge improvement not only in my body, but my mind. I could think more clearly about my problems, and how to solve them. My pains mostly stopped all together as well. I felt like a newer, stronger me.”
— Emily, Michigan

Antojai Research Fund

100% of donations goes directly to the research, development, and education of Antojai healing.

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