Development of Antojai


After experiencing a traumatic event in the summer of 2014, Axél Carrasquillo was left completely disabled by severe PTSD. His mental state began to crumble more and more with each passing day. Reality and dreams began to blend together, states of deep sleep were unavoidably constant, and nightmares were present in subconscious and conscious states.

This condition began to fuse with other traumatic experiences from a uniquely rough childhood, and periods of extreme stress from adulthood. A cocktail of medications seemed to be the only solution, but ended up adding more side effects than helpful change. 

Feeling fed up, exhausted, and desperate to find balance again, Axél took it upon himself to put all of his knowledge and experience of medical shamanism with quantum science. Reiki was the only energetic tool available at that time, and though Reiki had greatly helped heal various states, it clearly had limits when it came to true release from the most traumatic portions within his soul. 

It was then that Axél meditated for the next two years (2015-2016) within his subconscious, the akashic records, and beyond for a solution. It was then that the universe began teaching him secrets to the 12 chakra system of the human experience. He was bestowed the knowledge of quantum medicine, how to apply it to various states of the conscious and subconscious to purge, erase, and replace negative holds that grasped his soul. 

In 2016, After extensively researching countless teachings from previous Ascended Masters, quantum mechanics, quantum shamanism, and the dynamics of the subconscious mind, Axél began developing and researching Antojai: the energy behind the cravings of life.

In 2017, Axél founded The Organization Of House Antojai. A organizational mission to further research, teach, and expand the potential of Antojai across the world.


The Organization of House Antojai

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