Jan. 19, 2016

Axel is an exceptional masseur and holistic healer. Although I was early, he welcomed me and took me to the massage room. I started by doing various forms of stretching, breathing exercises, and aromatherapy. These relaxed me for the various types of massage Axel uses: some deep tissue, some Swedish, lots of acupressure, Reiki, and other styles I can't name. He spoke to me throughout, and coached me in breathing. This is one of the best massage experiences I have ever had, and I could feel changes occurring in my muscles and tissues. 
When it ended, I sat on the table and Axex concluded with more breathing exercises and aromatherapy. He also advised me what I should do and not do in the next 24 hours, and told me what to expect over the next 3 days. His voice alone is soothing. I can't wait to meet him again. 

Nathan H. in Clawson, MI