Oct. 06, 2015

When I read his reviews and profile I just had to check this guy out to see if he really is the real deal!

Very talented individual in many aspects. 

He gave me a totally new experience so powerfully moving I was left speechless. He seriously is in tune with some sort of celestial understanding that let's him heal not only your body, but your soul! I have never been too keen on the whole medium psychic stuff until now! 

You can feel this...divine presence just being in the same room with him. His voice is so soothing, and I was able to talk to him as though he was my best friend for years.  

He's literally beautiful inside & out. His work should be taken seriously by all, and HIGHLY RESPECTED.

I later went on to explore his art, which is just a therapeutic as his touch.

Absolutely astonishing! 
Worth EVERY cent, if not more!

Thank you Axél, I will see you again very soon.

Jamie E in Cleveland, OH