Sept. 04, 2015

This has been one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. 

Axél not only has the best therapy technique I have experienced, but his shamanistic skills are no laughing matter. 

I travel for a living, as such I am accustomed to getting massage, but no one has ever shown a heavy understanding of how the nerves, muscles, and energy are connected to your being. I thought I knew my body problems well, but he was able to bring stresses and pains that where under the radar to my attention. 

My session was part massage and part shamanic counseling. Axél was able to read my energies & chakras so effectively that he was able to tell me details about my life, and the problems I was facing without really knowing me. Details that only those close to me would know. It was powerful! He was even able to tell me what my house looked like, what my relationship to my husband was, and much much more. He further went on to tell me how to fix the stress factors in my life...I followed his advice...and as he said it happened.

Very powerful holistic healer and spiritual healer. 

I have come to him since for my holistic well-being and for his profound insight into the future & the soul. 

He's an absolutely BEAUTIFUL person, to the core and physically. 
Extremely comfortable to talk to, and trust."

Richard D in Spring Hill, FL