The Journal of Ascension Intro



Make sure to get a brand new notebook. One that you absolutely connect with, that draws you to it. Make sure you have a pen that you love to write with, and keep these two together.  

NEVER, put negative energy into this notebook. To continue moving forward into the future with ascension, positivity must be your drive. Once you put any negativity into this notebook, you lock it’s potential in the past ... along with everything else you’ve been holding onto... and you have to start over with a new notebook.

Why? Simple, this is your healing and manifestation book. If you fill it with healing and positive energy, it’s constantly radiating that! So it’ll keep drawing more healing and positive energy to you. 



Journal Template:

Pg 1: Self acknowledgment to yourself

Pg 2: What Do I need to advance in my life?

Pg 3: What elements are currently stopping me from attaining these?

Pg 4: What brings you personal Zen?

Pg 5: Things I'm grateful for

Pg 6: Things I am unfulfilled with

Pg 7: Universal Downloads (or Enlightenment)


-Section Fear-

Starter Questions:

1. What are you most fearful of, and why does it have a hold of you? 

2. What are you unsure of when it comes to your life?

3. What can you do to reclaim your power over your reality? 

4. What around you is taking away from you, and your energy to succeed? 

5. What can you do you do improve?

6. What fears and anxieties have you inherited from others? 

7. Are you afraid to evolve, and let go of your current/past identity?

8. Do you know who you really are?  


-Section Guilt-

Starter Questions:

1. Are you patient? If not, what can you do to enhance this important life trait?

2. What anger, hate, paranoia have you not let go of, and why? Do you need it, do you want it?

3. What  guilt have you not forgiven, or resolved? Why?

4. Do you let your emotions take control of you? Why? What can you do to change this shift of power? 

5. Are you afraid of change? Why? What do you inherently know needs to be changed?

6. Are you waiting for a magic solution, or something to fall on your lap to embrace change? Why?

7.  What does life mean to you? What is your mantra to complete in this lifetime? 


-Section Shame-

Starter Questions:

1.  Where do you feel shame within your body? Where does this stem from? 

2.  How does defensiveness and aggression serve you and your daily life? Is it healthy? 

3. Where do you feel powerless in your life, and why?  Where does this stem from, and why? ( identify each moment in detail )

4.  How can you let go of this shame? How is it affecting you, and why are you letting it do so?

5.  Do you lack self-confidence? Why? Where does it come from?

6. Where do you let others take advantage of you? Why do you let this happen? Will you ever stop this, and how? 

7. What areas of your life are you most sensitive, and why? How can you strengthen them to be more impenetrable? 


-Section Love/Past-

Starter Questions:

1.  Do you love yourself? Why or why not?

2. Do you try to find yourself and others, Or in escapes like alcohol? Why?

3. Are you chained to the past? How? What do you need to do to free yourself?

4. Our past pains part of your present drive? How is this fuel source holding you back?

5. Do you love others openly without expectations, or conditions other than personal health?

6. Do you find love in the little things you do in life?

7.  Do you embrace love as a cosmic force? If not, what is stopping you from doing so? 


-Section Personal Truths-

Starter Questions:

1. Are you censoring yourself and daily communication? Why?

2. Do you honestly listen, and try to understand others without putting yourself at risk? 

3. Do you sacrifice your truths to please others? How is this personally affecting you?

4. Do you connect to your body, and listen to what messages it’s sending you about your reality?

5. Are you honest with yourself, and do you take action when enlightened?

6. Are you open to truth from external sources, and do you know the difference between opinions from fact?

7. Are you afraid to be all you can be? If so, is it due to fear of judgment from others? How is this holding you back?


-Section Oneness of self-

Starter Questions:

1. Do you embrace your imagination?

2. What takes from your manifestation energy?

3. What feeds your energy potential?

4. Are you being authentic with yourself?

5. Are you caring for your mind?

6. Do you embrace an evolved reality?

7.  What stops you from being your intuition? 

8.  Are you attached to the physical aspects of reality?  

9.  Do you let your mind free from the physical brain so it can evolve?  

10.  How are your moral beliefs chaining you to the illusion of physical reality?  


-Section Transcendance -

Starter Questions:

1. Who are you authentically, and what are you not doing to bring that person into this reality?

2. Do you feel like you’re one with the cosmos? That there is no separation of you, and the stars?

3. What is your divine purpose on this planet?

4. Do you take your reality into your own hands?

5. Do you embrace synchronicity’s, and do you know how do identify them? Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason.

6.  How do you maintain a connection with your higher self, and do you know your higher self? 

7.  What’s the first thing you must get done to Ascend?


Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2018). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

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The Ascended path to true love

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What’s your subconscious like?

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The path of alternative healing

Taking healing into your own hands!


I see a lot of people yearly, and one thing I feel like I have to address is… ALTERNATIVE MODES OF HEALING TAKE TIME!

Western medicine usually seems to have a cure for a symptom, but as many have discovered… it’s really only a Band-Aid, than a cure. I by no means shoot down Western medicine! I only highlight that it isn’t for everyone, and that many times it should be used as a tool ... not a complete crutch.

The deepest healing won’t be done for you because YOU are the driving force behind your own wellness.

Some, do not possess the willpower to pursue their own healing. For them, western methods  provide an immediate and easy answer. For those not comfortable with western ideas… the major difference is a complete 180! Alternative methods can produce rewarding and long-lasting shifts; but they require time, understanding, patience, and effort.

You have to be determined to heal yourself entirely. You have to be determined to be dedicated to your healing. You do this by following the homework, being patient while you find your answers, and understanding that you can do this!

The key here, is to remember that this is just like the gym. When you want a beach body, or to lose weight ... You put in the work, wait the time, and read the results. You cannot buy the answer to make you the idea physical you. Guess what! You can’t buy your spiritual authenticity in one or two alternative medicine sessions.

A new prescription sometimes can take a few weeks to fully  begin receiving all the properties that benefit.

If you can except that your answers can be found with willpower, then Shamanic alternative healing is something for you!

Throughout the years, healing countless people, I have come to understand that many mental imbalances come from imbalances within the human subconscious. This is partly caused by traumas within life, and reoccurring restrictions caused to your authentic self by other habitual patterns.

Your mind is like computer. If you have a virus that bugs you… You run a program to find, isolate, and correct the problem. An alternative healer is the program that helps you search, isolate the corrupt files within your system, and gives you the procedure to delete the imbalance if possible. Again, only YOU can delete the actual problem.

When you understand you’re healing in this light, you can truly understand the dynamics of alternative healing. You can delete harmful files with Eastern alternative methods, or you can choose to isolate the files indefinitely with Western methods.

Ideally, you want a mix of both styles of treatment for a proper transition to a better you!

Isolate    +    Delete   
———-        ———-    =    Balance
Western  +  Eastern


Master Antojai

Carrasquillo, A. (2018). Antojai Shamanic Wellness

Copyright © 2018 Antojai Shamanic Wellness, All rights reserved.

Photo by Sam Austin

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